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It’s nice to meet you. I’m Pronaya. I provide custom WordPress Design and WordPress Speed Optimization services. WordPress is easy to maintain, lightweight, SEO friendly and you can boost your business very quickly for sure.

About me
kamol pronaya

Frozen Tsongmo Lake, Sikkim, India

You Can’t Refuse My Services

GeneratePress Migration

Redesign website with GeneratePress from any theme and page builder. I use GenerateBlocks to enhance the variety of block templates, which subsequently decreases CSS/JS by around 50%.

Cache Plugin Configuration

Cache Plugin Configuration

I do configure and test all settings of various cache plugins to get maximum results. A good cache plugin boosts website speed. I prefer FlyingPress, WP-Rocket and LiteSpeed Cache.

google-core-web vitals

Google Core Web Vitals

Want to rank a website on SERP? Then fix Gogole core web vitals ASAP! I will find out why your websites have poor LCP, TBT, CLS, and TTFB and then start to fix one-by-one. Sad but true, not all sites will pass CWV.


Hosting Migration

Effortlessly transfer your website to a new hosting environment while optimizing server settings for enhanced speed and reliability. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to peak performance.

CDN Configuration

I set up a Content Delivery Network(CDN) to make your website faster for everyone, everywhere. With lightning-fast content delivery to users worldwide, you’ll enjoy improved website performance and user experience.

CSS/JS Optimization

Optimize CSS and JavaScript to make your website load faster and smoother. Say goodbye to sluggish loading times.

Image optimization

Enhance your website’s performance by optimizing images for faster loading. Enjoy crisp visuals without compromising speed with my image optimization service.

WordPress Website

I craft sleek and functional WordPress websites to suit your needs. Elevate your online presence with a user-friendly and professionally designed site built by me.

Graphics Design

I design eye-catching graphics to elevate your brand and captivate your audience. Transform your vision into stunning visuals with my expertise in graphic design.

My Latest Speed Projects

My Latest Development Projects



Project Type: Development, CMS: WordPress, Page Builder: Divi



Project Type: Development, CMS: WordPress, Page Builder: Divi


Project Type: Development, CMS: WordPress, Page Builder: Divi



Project Type: Development, CMS: WordPress, Page Builder: Divi

About Me

Pronaya bdkamol

Gabrakhali, Haluaghat, Bangladesh

Hi, I’m Pronaya from Bangladesh, and I’m a WordPress Developer. I decided to do freelancing so I can work independently and enjoy more freedom.

Freelancing has given me the freedom to be my own boss and collaborate with clients worldwide.

Working from Bangladesh, I engage with diverse projects and appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the global digital landscape. I enjoy the flexibility, and it allows me to take on different projects.

I assist people with their WordPress challenges, whether it’s fixing something that’s not working correctly or guiding them on using the platform.

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