Pronaya Kumar Sarker

Fun with WordPress, Speed, Core Web Vitals & SEO!
Gokul Medh, Bogra, Bangladesh

I’m Pronaya Kumar Sarker. My family, relatives, friends, teachers and colleagues call me Kamol. You can also call me Kamol.

I am a WordPress developer and WordPress speed optimizer from Bangladesh and a happy freelancer on global outsourcing marketplaces e.g. and UpWork.

Freelancing means I’m my own boss, and I can work with people from different parts of the world. I enjoy the flexibility, and it allows me to take on different projects.

I assist people with their WordPress challenges, whether it’s fixing something that’s not working correctly or guiding them on how to do things.

I also work for OMMWebsite Solutions BDWeb Institute.

I love traveling, photography, reading everything, listening music and obviously spend time with my family and friends

Quick Contact:

Skype: bdkamol
Mobile: +8801911739586
House # 13, Flat 201, Road # 10
Nikunjo 2, Khilkhet